Engels Hof has been family owned since 1976 and currently holds 10 business and vacation suites. Until 1991 the manor served as life and work site to German painter and sculptor Richard "Horus" Engels, well known for his illustrations for the 1957 German edition of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit".


Its beautiful location in a quiet neighborhood of Wolfsburg immediately adjacent to historic Castle Neuhaus and its pond make it both an ideal site to retreat from testing business days and a place for regeneration during a short vacation stay. 


All ten recently updated suites feature fully equipped kitchens, modern furniture and are decorated with original art by Richard Engels. Our colleague extraordinaire Bettina Lehrach will be happy to answer questions before your reservation and gladly assist you to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

"Thank you for amazing hotel and service. I was on a business trip this time. However, I will come back with my family next time. This was an amazing experience here."

Hossein K.


"The apartment offered modern comfort and everything you need for relaxing. We simply loved the ambience, and its vicinity to castle and park. Great value!"

Doris S.

"Am Altan" Suite
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Garden at Schlosspark
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"Atelier" Suite
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Bathroom "Hermina" Suite
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